Juli Ponce Solé



Juli Ponce is a Law Professor a former Assistant Dean at the University of Barcelona School of Law, a former Director of the Public Administration School of Catalonia, and a frequent speaker on administrative law, zoning and urban planning and housing law. Dr. Ponce has published in professional journals throughout Spain, Europe, United States and Latin America. His writings include: El Derecho de la Vivienda del Siglo XXI, ed. (Marcial Pons 2008), and Land Use Law, Housing and Social and Territorial Cohesion, ed. (Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute 2006), as a result of an international conference held in Barcelona (there is also a Spanish version published by Marcial Pons: Derecho Urbanístico, Vivienda y Cohesión Social y Territorial). 
Dr. Ponce´s consulting, research projects, and lectures have included projects for different Spanish Universities, different public administrations in Spain and the Barcelona Bar Association, the Pantheon-Sorbonne University of Paris I, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the University of Trento in Italy, Ad Urbem in Portugal,the University of Sheffield (UK), the Universities of Denver, Nova Southeastern, Georgia State and the Inter-American Development Bank. 
He is a member of the European Network for Housing Research and a member of the European Group of Public Law. Dr. Ponce has been director of several official Spanish research projects that have contributed to create a flexible international network of university professors in the field of administrative law, zoning, urban planning, and housing law. His web page: http://www.urcosos.net/e-index.html

Research lines:

  • Institutional quality, good governance and good administration
  • better / smart regulation: regulatory quality and regulatory impact assessments
  • Fight against corruption, public ethics and institutional frameworks of integrity
  • Urban law, right to housing and right to the city
  • Social rights